I'm Erin and I love everything Pink & Sparkles. I feel there should always be a touch of sparkles I am studying for a Master in Communications and a Bachelors in Political Science. I am in love with my best friend.
You're shakin' that money maker, like a heart breaker, like your college major was Twistin' and tearin' up Friday nights Love the way you're wearin' those jeans so tight. I bet your kiss is a soul saver, my favorite flavor, want it now and later. I never seen nothin' I wanted so bad. Girl, I gotta get me, gotta get me some of that.
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‘arent we supposed to have antlers or something’
‘fuck if i know’

'who cares we're mad cute'
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View from Ladd Tower. Image by NaturePunk
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|Portland, OR.|
It was a beautiful night at the waterfront.
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Voodoo Donut
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